Thursday, December 29, 2011

Virgin Railhead 01

The folks on the Railroad-Line have laid down the gauntlet and challenged me to making a railroad in ON30 (now that I have a locomotive).

I am taking the next few days in the sketchbook, as the workshop is being utilized for other purposes at the moment: a good chance to draw and take a break.

The first version of the Virgin Railhead is an inglenook. Street running might seem odd, but the streets were very wide in "Plat of Zion" towns like Virgin, a style of town with which any Utah History buff will be familiar.

Virgin was the first Well established town in the area, predating most of its neighbors. It may have still become a large town, and, people with holdings may not have wanted to yield ground to the railway; hence my backstory for the street.

Industries would include a team track and animal loading, a pickling plant. A merc. And several iconic structures of the area. I want to get the open but orderly feel of the "cultural" landscape while at the same time inventing the railway from whole cloth.

It is all drawn to be switched without a run-around, and designed to fit a hollow core door for portability. Don't want to re-invent any wheels here. The goal is to get to scenery. Just in case, I will build interfaces for the ends. Here is the first plan sketch.

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