Sunday, December 4, 2011

Burros. . . . . and friends

I managed to clean up the burros.  Broke one leg in the process, but a little brass wire and some careful drilling fixed that!  I also re-worked some gold miners that I purchased from  I was excited to find gold miners at a reasonable price.  After looking at the included figures I realized that the poses were a bit to active--a lot of mid motion movements.  These (to my eye) tend to look funny on a model railway.  There were also some odd anatomical anomalies--an arm bent in a direction it should not be, etc.  So, I set about modifying them to the best of my ability.  One of the miners, after having his arm fixed, received a shepherd's crook in place of his shovel--After prepping and adjusting the figures, everyone got a wire in their foot, or a couple of wires in their feet, to facilitate placing them someplace in the future.

It is nice that the burros were able to graze on a paper towel in the sun before I unceremoniously coated them with primer!

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