Sunday, December 4, 2011

Virgin Church 01

In addition to working on the Shingle Shed and the Burros this weekend (sorry Shifty Shack, you can't have all the fun), I managed a little CAD time.  I drew a compressed version of the old Virgin Church--one of the few public buildings constructed in this particular part of Utah during the Civil War.  It was finished so that it could be used as a fort to defend against attack by Native Americans--there was an increase in such attacks during the Civil War.

I am going to model the building in a more original state.  Although the building is an adobe structure, it is a unique form of adobe in which the adobe bricks are stacked between wood framing members.  The stucco is a 20th century addition.  The building was originally clapboard. 

The cracking in the stucco reveals the framing clearly--it also shows where an old transom window over the door was covered.  There are three large windows on each side, and similar to many LDS buildings, two doors in the back at the altar end of the building.

I also photographed a small house from Hurricane Utah a little while back, as it would make another good subject.
 The builder and his wife had. . . .gasp . . . seven children!

I am thinking that the clapboard of the church and the novelty siding on the house will round out my siding repertoire a little, and each will provide some welcome challenges.  I did some other cad work, but, I will wait until there is something interesting to show.  Doing it in little fits and starts makes it less like work . . . .

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