Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Uncle Paul's 03

Still waiting for Titanium White paint (for the Shingle Shed). I managed a rare weeknight hour on Uncle Paul's.  Here is where the facade stands, with the paper windows set in (not quite aligned).:
 I am currently wondering what color to paint the windows, door, and vent.  I think it is safe to say the vent would be white, but, I am not sure about the windows and doors.  I am getting excited about the "laser through" brick technique.  Here are some details:

 The Lintels are yet to be cut, but I am looking forward to getting them on.  I went ahead and primed the windows with my usual "Chocolate Brown" spray paint. . . . but that is a good base for both light and dark in my book.  The spray paint, when allowed to soak in and applied to both sides, does a lot to strengthen the paper.  Sealing the paper is critical--otherwise it will absorb too much water from the acrylic paint. 
Candidate colors for the windows, in no order: Medium Green, French Grey, Olive Green, Tan, White. . . I have been looking at historic paint chips to get the right tonality--but frankly, am all ears when it comes to suggestions.

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