Saturday, December 10, 2011

Water Tower 01

In the past week I read a few posts on the Railroad-line forums that discussed conical shingles, especially the fact that straight shingle strips would not look good on a cone.  It seemed most people would resort to individual shingles.

The first thing I did was draw a developed (flattened) conical pattern based on an elevation, which is easy in a computer.  Where: D1 * 360 / D2 = the angle included.  Using this formula, you can determine exactly how wide the resulting "PAC MAN" needs to open his or her mouth. 

I staggered PACCY's mouth just a bit so I could overlap two sections and get a smooth cone.  I then drew custom strips of shingles to fit the cone.  Once one comes to terms with the radial situation, some clever mirroring and odd repeats can speed things along.  That said, however, it did take several small sessions spread over the last couple weeks.  It seems to me that one could develop a couple cones at common pitches--and the diameter adjusted by adding or removing courses. 

I am going to use this conical roof on a water tank for a building I think.  It is scaled to a sturdy cardboard tube that came in some art paper--the future core of the tower. 

I have added my "frets", so this one is just about ready to cut.

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