Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas Dad

This is the first Christmas without my father--and I miss him dearly.  While there is so much still up in the air, one of the things that has come back to me is a live steam traction engine I bought him half a dozen years ago for Christmas.  In his life he never had a chance to light it up--so my wife and I took it out of the package, and lit it up in his honor.  In short order we had the cylinder oiled, and our valves in order.  We made forward motion, and electricity.  Big smiles all around.
Dad, we miss you, a lot.

More fuel is ordered, and, though I think of my father almost every day, something tells me lighting and running this steam locomotive will become a tradition.  Dad, we love you, and, we miss you--you are here in all of our hearts.

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