Saturday, January 30, 2016

Layout and bench

Another retro-post from early 2016.

The bench work went in without a hitch.  There was some minor shimming to do, but I'm glad planning went well.  The bench work was prefabricated in Utah, far from where I am currently.  I am glad I got the dimensions right enough that all went to plan.

The reverse angle shows the leaf in upright position, allowing more light on the work bench and access to the window.  I should point out now that the main portion of the room is 7'x9'.  I'm working in a space and a format that might be more familiar to a modeler in the UK.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A new start for the Virgin and Lost Shore

I won't apologize for being away, as most people understand that hobbies can come in fits and starts. Part of the randomness of "Random Railroad" is simply that things have a way of changing.  I'm finally catching up with the blog.  Although dated June, this and the next several posts re-cap the time elapsed since January (Written June 2016).

After a year or more of getting settled in a new place, a new place for a workshop has been established and a shelf layout started.  Step one, let's make the room sky blue and start day dreaming.

From there I made a few sketches for a possible model railway.

The thought here was that I could have fun with an inglenook and make just enough scenery to finish in the time we'll be living in this house.  Since I tend to favor structures and rolling stock, the layout is decidedly urban.  I'm keeping the Virgin and Lost Shore name, as well as the slogan, "the lost shore lines".

The bench work cantilevers off the wall and is attached with french cleats and T-nuts.  This will make removal a snap when we next re-locate and allow me to take the work with me.