Saturday, December 10, 2011

Uncle Paul's 01

If it seems that there is too much going on, well, it's because there is.  I was stuck on the phone for a while today and managed to work up artwork for "Uncle Paul's Pawn Shop." I have been fascinated by a prototype photo of the building that has been posted in various places (including on the Railroad-line forums). I don't know where the image came from.  If anyone knows, I would love to learn more--and, if it is copyrighted material, let me know and I will take it down.  I suspect from its age that the image is likely in the public domain, but one can't be sure. 
I straightened the image, and did some work in photoshop, and am close to having the sign art done.

I had to do some re-working, first with contrast, and then filling in missing information.  Fortunately, I had already started an HO version--I just needed to make the art hold up at a larger size.  I am laying the various bits out to print as a decal sheet.  Currently scaled to "O": it would be fun to make this in any scale!  Just have the awning to finish up.  Have an "evil" plan for doing some neat work with the laser to boot.  I managed to make a cut file while on hold as well.

Now I am developing a healthy back log--so down to the workshop with a podcast for me, will hopefully tune into Model Rail Radio.  I'm going to refrain from starting too many more--it is just that I have had more free moments at the computer (20 minutes here, half an hour there) than continuous time in the workshop. . . 

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  1. Uncle Paul's was in Augusta GA and your photo is also in the Library of Congress.
    A couple of links here:

    Definitely a good subject for a model.

    Dave Mason