Sunday, December 11, 2011

Uncle Paul's 02

Well, The Shingle Shed and Shifty Shack are still moving forward--however, I am waiting for a few bits to arrive by mail (probably Monday): some lighting and paint.  I decided to light the Shifty Shed to show off the gaps in the boards--and, I ran out of some of my more used basic colors!  Silly me. 

In any case, I did have what I needed to continue Uncle Paul's.  The concept was simple, paint, then cut: the goal being a pre-painted, pre weathered brick wall.  My earlier experiments told me that if I had the settings just right I could get some white showing around a laser engraved line--

Here is where I am now, I will follow with the process:

The first draft has an alignment problem:

Fortunately, I printed multiple decals on a sheet (or as they say in Canada, "Deckels"):

The process began by priming a wall, I set up my work piece with stops in the laser cutter, so that I could use a template to guide my painting, and "Deckelling".

The process is pretty clear from the above--save for the coat of clear lacquer that does not show (it is clear after all), applied prior to decal.  You can see the evidence of the template in paint and pencil.  And, that is how we get here from there (twice).

OK, Time to put the animals (farm animals) to bed, and get on with Christmas Tree decorations!

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