Sunday, December 4, 2011

Shingle Shed and Shifty Shack 10

I continued to carve the balsa foam foundation.  The following photos give a clear idea of the process.  One begins with the basic outlines.  Next step is to progressively carve the stones, ultimately shaping them so that they seem to be individual stones.  The last carving step (to my eye) is to give the stones some surface variation, so that there are some "ins and outs".

As I near the end of carving, I am careful to test fit the foundation, and make any subtle adjustments so that the building and foundation will "feel as one" when ultimately joined.

You can see in the above photos, I carved the cobble ramp to the door, and adjusted the stones in on the back, giving the wall a "battered" appearance.  "Battering" meaning that it slightly steps back as the courses become higher.

Next step, paint!

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