Monday, January 23, 2012

Virgin Railhead 05

Managed to get down to the workshop. . . . and, managed to get all the ties glued down.  I went through an entire bottle of Titebond III doing this.  This is my favorite glue by far.  Even as I embedded the new ties into pools of glue, I ran more glue around the existing.  Although this might normally make things noisy, I am hoping that the floating layer of cardboard will more than deal with any vibration.  That bottle next to the glass?  That is bottle number two!

Before I went on a glue binge, I test sanded ties that I glued yesterday.  A big sanding block, at the diagonal worked best--almost like blocking body work.  I think I will be able to tune these twigs very flat.

The progress is not complete--I just wanted to do enough to be sure that I was not on a fools errand.  I am pretty excited by how they will look when the sanding is done and they are weathered.

Although my uncoupling magnets were thicker than the cardboard they will replace, the twigs will absorb the difference.

So, now to leave the glue to dry, dry, dry. . . . tick, tock, tick, tock. . . .


  1. What scale is this? If its HO, the ties would be enormous!

    1. Anand, It is O scale, narrow gauge. They would indeed be big for HO!


  2. This just occurred to me: do take a look at Bernard Kempinsky's blog about the O scale layout that he is building thats set in the US civil war period. Thats some amazing modeling.

    1. Anand,thanks for the link.

      I have seen the work, did not realize there was a blog. . . following it now.