Friday, January 6, 2012

Virgin Railhead 02

Well, I have still been away from the workshop, but have managed to advance the Virgin Railhead concept.  As many things as I want to build, I think it will be healthy to stick with a single concept for a little bit--and then to decide what to do next.  Too many irons in the fire can stall the mind.

Getting real about dimensions and proportions has meant setting aside some dreams, but others have become more realistic.  I realized that if I wanted to have any sense of breadth or expanse in the layout, I would need to cut out the longitudinal street.  I want to be able to aim a camera through the scene to a natural landscape beyond and have the interstitial spaces remain believable--to have that Plat of Zion feel. 

The pickle house and stores will be of a more industrial nature, and, will not adhere to the grid.  By further twisting the grid slightly, the entire scene can be varied in relationship to the layouts edge.  Although the road will ascend to the North (up), my intention is to drop the pastures (they are to be flood irrigated), such that the edges of the layout generally fall away from the camera, and the viewer.  Thinking that the display, when set up, will be on a table top, and therefore in the round--at least for now. 

Of course, should I like it--I can run track from either end.

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