Saturday, January 28, 2012

Virgin Railhead 09

Well, I managed to "hotwire" the fast tracks Jig--meaning that I used it without PC board ties.  Instead, I soldered brass jumpers across the top of the rail..  I was just careful to bend the rail to perfect shape so that there was no tension in the rail.  I built both turnouts as one, painted and wired them, and moved them over to the ties.  I had to work back and forth to ensure that it all lined up.  Main rail is code 83, guard rails are code 70, so the tops can be rusted, but not interfere with track cleaning.  I made very minimal throw bars.

Here it is with the spacer bars hovering above the ties.

A couple more generalized views before spiking:

And here it is after spiking, with touch up started:

Looking forward to detailing and straight track. . .

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