Sunday, January 29, 2012

Virgin Railhead 11

Well, the Railhead made a trip outside today--mainly for a couple photos, and also so I could blow the dust off of it and sweep up inside.

Not a lot of visual difference--after doing farm chores and building a new milking stand for Peanut (one of our goats) I spent about four hours tuning the turnouts.  I finally got over the throw bars, and accepted that I could solder and unsolder them at will--what is the worst that could happen?  I just have to make another one.  Here is the Gnat in some context for a change. . .

I used hardware from Hump Yard Purveyance for the turnout actuators--I installed them with enough slack so that I could re-mount them when I do the fascia.  All in all pretty slick items.  In the end, I decided to use a vertical lever actuated by the Hump Yard throw--  The throws are available at

I like the way they work, and the Teflon sleeves and stainless actuator rods are easy to work with. 

Snap Snap go the points. .  .

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