Saturday, January 28, 2012

Virgin Railhead 10

I managed to get a little further down the line during the recording of Model Rail Radio.  I can't make full speed progress while listening, but then again, there is no such thing as full speed when it comes to spiking rail and soldering feeder wires.

I need to do some more work on the rust--I still want to add joint bars and some other details to finish things out--I am going to get the rest of the rail down on the module, then enjoy detailing the track.  I have to scratch build a couple of indicator/ground throws as well. 

I am glad that I am keeping things simple plan wise, because the magnitude of building everything by hand is sinking in.

That said, there is a great deal of pleasure in building something from the most basic components.  It was a joy to patch the ballast around the feeders, and watch then disappear. . .


  1. It looks great. Would it be possible to put some decorative simulated spikes for the ties to which the rail is not actually spiked? In larger scales, the lack of spikes would look a little obvious.

  2. I'll try it and see how it looks when I get the rest of the rail down. Good thought.