Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Water Tower 06

I needed a break from the Kerr, so I've squeezed in some time on the water tower.  I feel like both the Kerr and the water tower are in striking distance for completion, and that I want to get them done while I've got some momentum going.

It was a real joy to lay the shingles on the tank lid--miracle of miracles, geometry works.  My rings of shingles, each customized to match the pitch of the roof and account for the taper fit as they were designed.  I'm not sure what I thought would happen, but am always suprised when something goes to plan! The sheet above is one of three shingle sheets--if you click on the water tower label at the right, you'll get the whole history of this . . . . 

Between laying shingles, I took a break to draw a finial, and I also started work on the band clamps. . . . while I did not intend to use the 3d printer on this, I thought that the roof was looking so good a real cap was in order.  It's stuck in the printer until tomorrow morning, as I printed it along side a larger part--I can look through the acrylic cover and see it dangling perfectly from the build platform. . . . .

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