Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Peter's Most Wanted 01: 1850's B&O Iron Coal Car

I'm looking for information on a few subjects, and from time to time I will post them here.  If you've got solid information or research on the subject, I'd love to talk with you, as I'm interested in modelling these things.  A couple people who have helped on the Dick Kerr project will be receiving castings of the parts I make so they can complete their own models. . . . .and, I may in time release a limited kit of the Dick Kerr.

* * * Update * * *
I've checked in with the B&O Railroad Museum and have booked a ticket for may to photograph the car.  There are a few limitations associated with the museum, such as using a fabric tape measure and not climbing on or under the equipment, however none of it will prevent me from gathering what I need.  With luck I'll make progress on my other projects between now and then and be able to start a new thread for this one with original information this summer.

* * * Update * * *
In the span of a day I figured out that these are more commonly referred to as "Pot Hoppers"  That little piece of information lead me to an edition of B&O Modeler, and the fact that there is one of these cars in the B&O railroad museum.  I''d love to hear from anyone in the area with access to car 23001.
* * * * * *

First on the list?  B&O Iron Coal Car. . . .1850s.  I'm sure there is archival information somewhere, but I'm not there. . . . .anyone got the skinny on these pups?  The below page is from my copy of Civil War Railroads and Models  by Edwin P. Alexander.

I'm interested in the cars for their unique outline, and because they offer the opportunity to test some new digital modelling techniques combined with rapid prototyping.  (I'm interested in capturing the dents and dings).  It's also interesting to see the variation in the drawing above and the photograph which indicates construction was simplified in practice.  There a few images floating around the net, one is from the above book, and I can't find attribution for the other. . . . so forgive that it is not cited here...if someone has attribution please let me know so I can credit the source.

If you've read this blog, you know a couple things: 1) I've got a lot of irons in the fire, and 2) I tend to take a little time to finish things. . so patience will be in order. . .that said, some of my projects are heating up and really rolling again.  So, know that this all is on a longer time horizon.

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