Monday, November 28, 2011

Shingle Shack and Shifty Shed 07

Well, sadly, I was so excited, I did the roof without taking any pictures.  I laid the shingles on long, trimmed them with an offset chisel blade, and then cleaned up the cut edges with a little paint.  A little dry brush with white, and I had a credible roof.  Painted some foil tape to look like rusty metal, and I had my ridge cap.

Will have to take a daylight picture.

I went on to start carving foundations for the Shingle Shed in Balsa Foam, but had to stop to make dinner. . . . . more on that one when I get back to it.  Folks on the RR line indicated that they wanted to know more abut that, so, I will have to make some good photos.  Here I though everyone knew what Balsa Foam was. . . .Still thinking about the base for the Shifty Shack. . .

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