Monday, November 28, 2011

Shingle Shack and Shifty Shed 02

Getting down to brass tacks, I am an architect, and, I have access to a good model shop that features a small laser engraver which can cut paper with ease.  I am also comfortable with several cad programs: it was a natural for me to start drawing.  I drew my materials in cad, then multiplied them by 48, so I would them measurable in 1:1.  I draw 1:1 all day, and, it is nice to have a graphic example of just how big each possible material I can cut in is.

I drew the Shifty Shack first, and went on to draw the shingle shed.  For purposes of catching you all up in good time, I will give you the readers digest version. . .

I went on to lay everything out on "frets" which support the paper parts while I paint.  I left small uncut sections to keep the parts attached, which also keeps them organized until needed.

I also drew shingles, and laid them out on sheets.  In addition to cutting the shingles, I also created masks, so I could use rattle can paints to undercoat the shingles with a variety of colors.  These sprayed stripes correspond to the cuts on the shingle sheets, which made the base painting a snap.
Where parts were delicate or hard to handle, such as window sills, I made small handles to hold them until glued.  The handles were a big help, the flexibility of the paper allowed the handles to be bent as parts were applied.  

I started stacking and painting the various parts on the Shingle Shed next.

Everything was first undercoated with brown rattle can paint to pre-color and seal the paper.  That was followed by acrylics, and dry brushing.  

I am a big fan of paint and weather as you go, so that the entire thing appears before your eyes.  I like to avoid the high stakes game building the entire thing in a pristine state, followed by a session of weathering. Who wants to spend a ton of time building something, only to have the stress of distressing it after the fact. . . not me.  Can't always do it this way, but it is nice when you can.

More in a minute!

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