Monday, November 28, 2011

Shingle Shack and Shifty Shed 06

I switched back and forth between both buildings so things could dry.

But started getting excited about the Shingle Shack, as the end of the superstructure was in sight.

I took it into the light, and it was exciting to see what happened with the gaps in the boards. . . .

The door knob is made from thin solder, with a little paint rub.  The door is paper, just like the building.  It has a paper hinge, but is glued in place.  It could move, but, I figured a moving door was an attractive nuisance.

The window was sprayed with lacquer--the clear glass looked cool, but made absolutely no sense considering the dilapidation of the structure.

After hurting my arm patting myself on the back, I darkened some of the shingles that I made for the Shingle Shed to go on the roof of the Shifty shack.  The trapezoidal roof bits fit spot on. . . thank you laser!

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