Monday, November 28, 2011

Shingle Shack and Shifty Shed 05

What came next?  Well, I am not sure of the order, but as I recall sometime in here I spent some time getting the glass in the walls on all the buildings--microscope cover slips.  I hate cutting the stuff, so, I designed the majority of my windows to accept the sheets as is and hide the margins.  Then, on the one I absolutely needed to cut, I managed to improve my skills--so perhaps I will be more willing to cut next time. 

Here is the Shingle Shed being glued together:

One nice thing about O scale is that you can use real tools when putting it together.  After building a canoe for a friend's film last summer I had plenty of spring clamps.  I am looking forward to getting the roof on this one, since the reflections in the glass will show off the double hung windows, also in paper.  If you look at the interior image, you can see the squares cut to hold the slide cover slips.  I painted the mullions on both sides to strengthen them.

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