Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Water Tower 02

It's been a while since I have worked on the water tower project, but I finally got the steam to continue.  Part of it is just the end of year push, and part of it is the knowledge that I can start new projects once some of the others are behind me.  I glue laminated the body of the water tank from 6-ply railroad board, and formed it around of core of corrugated cardboard circles.  Because the side is a cone, rather than a drum, the wrappers were carefully designed and cut.

You can see where I have the bands planned.  I have cut each band fit its location so it will lay flat against the tank body.  The taper is very subtle, but I think it is one of those details that will make the tank.  While the tank body was drying, I did some water color experiments on an earlier lamination that did not come out well.  The results are not there yet, but that is why they call it practice.

I am excited by the potential luminosity that I could get out of water color, and the possibilities of layer effects.  I plan on practicing on the rest of this before tackling the main tank body.

The entire thing began as an experiment in developing shingles for a curved surface.  The sub roof has lines to guide the shingles.  I am amazed by how fast the superstructure is going together after taking the time on the geometry.   On to the bottom half this weekend, and hopefully some painting.

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