Monday, December 31, 2012

Engine Crates 02

The engine crate shed is moving right along.  Efforts of late have focused on "piecing" in a couple of the construction gaps, painting hidden edges, and building an adequate foundation.  

The foundation is a small plane of wood drilled to accept the piles.  This places the piles inboard of their position in the photo.  I decided to deviate here, as I much prefer the strength of a positive connection.  The floor and body are a slip fit, so, adding light is still an option.  That the walls have a black core helps in that regard.  While I am going to wait to do final scenery until I put this one on the layout, I am going to go ahead and make a diorama base for this one.

I also added a stove pipe soldered from three pieces of brass tube, as well as a foil ridge cap.  The sienna paint from the ridge cap has been streaked down the roof.  A little more under the stove pipe.  I have slowly been adding paint to the boards to make them appear more varied and three dimensional.  I am now on a quest for material to add the mesh below the floor.

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  1. Hi Peter
    I think you did a outstanding job on this structure. I just started working with photo texture structures and like you self just started working in o scale. I really been getting in to building structures this way. I mostly been building Clever Model structures and have just started to experiment with building structures out of pictures that I have taken my self. I was wondering if their is an chance i would be able to bum the art work off you that you used to build this structure. I really would love to build one for myself.
    Mike Grondine