Monday, December 31, 2012

Pickard's 01

I've been holding out on you all just a bit, as I have a couple models that I have not been posting. . .  .gasp!  This one was under wraps because I was wanting to surprise modeler Dan Pickard on the Model Rail Radio Facebook page.  This is all a roundabout way of honoring the construction of a new shed he is building to house his model railway.  Hopefully the real thing will be a bit straighter than this.  I take particular pleasure in making buildings that move and sway.

The other interesting aspect of this shed is the fact that virtually all the coloring is printed using Clever Models textures.  I used a process similar to the engine crate shed, working back and forth between Photoshop and AutoCad.  This allowed me to "curve" the clapboards and create a cut file that matched them.  I borrowed the cut file for the window from the "Shifty Shack" and colored it using Photoshop  integrating it into the art for the whole thing.  The latch is simply a photo of a rusty hasp dropped into the door art.  The door and trim are made from another Clever Models texture.

I warped the tarpaper roofing in a similar way, adding the "Pickard's" logo on top.  The typeface was purchased from My Fonts which is my favorite source for letter forms. . .  . .I'd rather pay a little, and get something period appropriate.  With the success of this experiment so far, I went ahead and immediately bought a few more textures from Clever Models.  Foundation is Balsa foam.  Look forward to more on this line of work.

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