Friday, February 1, 2013

Virgin Church 07

I've been working on my projects in very small segments of time.  I'll take the twenty minutes between chores and work to glue a few items together or paint something.  It's not a lot of time, but it has made a noticeable difference in my progress.

In the past several days I've done the windows on the Virgin Church.  I've done them twice, as I managed to stick my finger through the mullions the first time through.  The mullions are virtually to scale, hence very delicate.  I am going to glue them to the glazing for strength, I just need them to survive until that time.  

Aficionados of the real Virgin Church will notice that I have added three windows to a side of the building that is a blank wall.  The real church has half as many windows, which makes sense since it was built as both a church and a fort to protect local citizens from Native American uprisings during the Civil War.  I chose to add the windows because of the position of the building on the Virgin Railhead. 

The windows themselves are made of seven layers of paper.  They are primed chocolate brown, then layered with Payne's gray and three or four washes of white.  The primer layer is really important with such delicate sections.  They were hit with a final dry brushing of white. 

The corner boards and eaves will come after the siding.  With luck I'll get the clapboards on this weekend.   That might also come as a surprise to locals, as the church is currently covered in stucco.  The stucco is the result of a contemporary renovation.  The original construction is of adobe interspersed between wood studs, with siding over the adobe as confirmed by friends in the local historical society.

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