Saturday, February 16, 2013

Krueger Electric 03

The Color Country Model Railroad Club has been wracked by the news of another members passing.  John Westbrook died on February 9th.  John was an O scale railroader, and was a big contributor to Jim Harper's layout.  I did not know John well, however I did very much enjoy the time that I spent with him.  I'll have to speak with Jim and see if there is something I could contribute to his layout in John's honor.

My models of Krueger Electric have been moving along.  I finished the brick work, and added cap stones and sills.  The cap stones are made from laminated railroad board and shirt cardboard, painted with acrylic. I've drawn lines on the capstones to create joints using a brown brush pen.  A little chalk weathering should finish them off, however, I am going to get the steps and last concrete elements done before doing that.

Interestingly, doing three of these has not slowed things down too much.  In contrast to Virgin Church, which has been "drinking" hours, these little HO structures seem to go fast.  I am aiming to get these done before Wednesday's club meeting.

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