Thursday, February 7, 2013

Krueger Electric 02

I've been gluing clapboards on the church--I'm not going to post that until I get up to the eaves.  Progress has been a bit slow because my eyes have been giving me trouble.  Too much work on the computer being the likely culprit.  So when I feel myself straining I switch activity.  

Krueger Electric is the beneficiary.  The three copies are moving right along--a simple paper model goes very fast.  After getting the walls together, I went ahead and glued some extra laminated wall material on the unfinished exposed sides of the walls.  I also popped the doors in.

I used a couple of fresh blades to do the trimming.  The parapet was cut on the edge of my glass table top.  Once the "backs" of the walls were on, I went ahead and glued the Cinch board roof in.  Although I've complained about the cost of Cinch board, I'm rethinking my aversion to it, as it has been working very well.  

While waiting for the glue to dry, I went ahead and painted up some railroad board to use as concrete details (cap stones and sills).    Adding these elements is really bringing things to life.  I think with a couple of steps, and some other finer bits the little structure could look pretty good.   I still need to do some painting on the edges.

The remainder of my model time this week is going to have to go to the church and the passenger car roof.  I have a demo to give at a local university on Monday, and I will be using the roof as an example of a mold. . . .good motivation to get more done.

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