Sunday, April 6, 2014

Mack AC 01

I took a break from digital work to finish up a couple Mack AC kits that have been sitting on my desk.  Mostly airbrush work, though I took some time to detail the dump as a coal delivery.  Bernie Kempinski pointed out that these could appear in a WWI layout. . . . I may have to get another.  The kit by Backwoods Miniatures is excellent, clean crisp castings with beautiful detail.  A couple fiddly bits one needs to be careful with, but overall very robust: highly recommend the kits.

The coal truck features tarps that were made from tea bags.  I lightly airbrushed them with white, beige, and black, and then formed them using dilute white glue.  I'm thinking I'll need to make a terrain base for photographs, as the real terrain is vastly out of scale!

The green truck is just a chassis for the moment.  I am going to build a sheep camp to put on it at some future point I think.  I took some time to look at the prototype Mack paint jobs, and it seemed that all red and all orange schemes were common, as was a green on red scheme.  In most cases the running gear was in color. Given that these are likely for the Lost Shore layout, I faded them a bit, as if they had been in the desert sun.