Monday, September 2, 2013

MRR Contest Build 07

Not too much forward progress on the contest build, at least not obviously, but still moving forward.  I've been working on getting the base level of the ground cover complete so that I could start painting and weathering the ground form.

 I'm using a mixture of techniques--spackling compound, paper, dirt, broken up plaster.  Each of these things is being permanently affixed.  Once it's all secure I'm going to selectively paint it and go over it with india ink washes.  For the time being I'm just going for basic form.  I'm going to paint the big plaster bits to represent broken up concrete, common in industrial land fill situations.  

I've been building up the paved areas and finishing the building interface points.  The most notable addition is the mound that will become a salt pile.  I think my technique of using an old towel painted with glue will do a good job of simulating the dynamic of a salt pile.  That may be a good subject for a future article.

I'll be excited when I can get back to painting.  I'm realizing that I'm happiest when I have an airbrush or dry paintbrush in my hand.

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