Sunday, August 25, 2013

MRR Contest Build 06

It was time to let things dry for a while this afternoon, when I looked at the clock I realized that I just tipped the 40 hour mark on the contest build.  It's been a while since I've updated the blog on this or any topic, and that's mainly because I've just been trying to squeeze any minute I can into the build.

I've got most of the buildings assembled in rough form: that means basic coloring and assembly, but no fine detail.  I also spent a solid hour airbrushing the silo, layering earth and concrete colors, trying to give the plain structure some life.

The pavement sections are paper laminated to cardboard (awaiting paint), and the ground surface is dirt and plaster waste over a terry cloth towel.  I simply stapled the towel down over miscelaneous bits of stuff to prop it, soaked it in dilute glue, and added sifted dirt.  It sounds bizzarre but it works.

The buildings each have a plywood base that fits into a "hole" on the layout so they can be removed for transport.  The paper buildings still weigh next to nothing even with the plywood base.  I'm excited to see things start to come together.  I have some real work to do on the paving, and a lot of scenery base to finish, but I'm liking the composition of the structures.  Just have to be patient while the glue and weights do their thing.

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