Sunday, July 28, 2013

MRR Contest Build 03, Passenger Cars 04

Things have slowed down a bit on the build, not from lack of effort, but because I have a few structures to design.  The industries on my contest layout include a portland cement distributor, a plywood distributor, and a chemical company.  I'm trying to create structures that have a real sense of "size" as they relate to the trains.  

I've spent a couple hours on the computer designing the various buildings, and two hours in the shop getting the silo for the portland cement company prepared for casting.  I am making a mold because I'd like to build at least a couple of each structure.  If I end up shipping the shelf layout I'll have some copies for a layout of my own.  I can also share the spares with other modelers.  Who knows, someone might want an N scale cement silo.  Given the amount of work to get the pipes blended, a one off seemed inappropriate.

Here's the latest video:

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