Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dick Kerr 02

Managed a little more progress on the little locomotive. . . mainly because I knocked it on the floor while doing some painting on the Virgin Church (hopefully will update that middle of this week).  After surviving the drop, I figured I owed the superstructure some paper sides.  They fit well, however, they revealed that I had the nose slightly out of square in the "up and down" aspect.  I'll have to add a gusset.

After gluing the sides on, I hit it with some surplus paint (not olive), to see it "as one".  I'm pretty pleased, and I'm excited about the next itteration.  I am thinking that I either need to print paper sides, and paint the superstructure to match, or make the sides out of brass.  The paper does not take to riveting well.  Moreover, there are enough closely spaced rivets in unique patterns that neither decals nor the NWSL riveter will really do it.  I think that manually pricking the rivets in brass using a paper pattern may be the way to go.

All in all, a good stack of work.  I am going to get the mechanism designed before cutting another version. . . .writing to NWSL tomorrow, and looking forward to getting the first wheels in the mail.  Once I get the nuts and bolts worked out, I will start perfecting my skins, and turn my attention to the radiator.

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