Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dick Kerr 01

I've always wanted to build a model of a Dick Kerr Petrol electric locomotive.  While I don't necessarily need another project at the moment, I found myself waiting for bits of this and that on all the other open projects (be it paint drying, or parts in the mail).  So, I got off the sidelines and got going.  Working this project along with the passenger car roof also made the most of every batch of body filler I mixed up.

The latest version of the guts, ultimately to be skinned in brass or paper.
I started the project by building a sketch model in paper.  I am not accustomed to 7mm scale / O-14, so I wanted to see how big this little bugger would be.  In making the sketch model, I did not pay much attention to quality. I just got something together so that I could understand the level of detail necessary in the scale, and so that I could start to imagine how I would navigate the design of the model.  Ultimately, I think I will skin an acrylic substructure with brass or paper, the third version of the substructure has real promise (see the photo above).  The video below describes all the goings on so far, and gives a glimpse of each iteration:

This will be one of the locomotives I intend to use for my "Motive Power" certificate from the NMRA achievement program.  I'm hoping that by documenting the engineering process and thought that goes into the design of the scratch build that folks will not look on my use of the laser cutter with disfavor.   I think the level of drawing and engineering that one does when working with technology is a skill in itself, and deserves as much respect as using a file or piece of sand paper.  


  1. As long as you do your own laser cutting you are OK as far as the AP goes

  2. Thanks Bruce. There is a lot of hearsay out there--so the clarification is appreciated.