Sunday, October 14, 2012

Uncouple Anywhere 03

Nothing big to post this weekend, just in the throws of production on the Salt Wagons.  Keeping the decoders attached for the moment, since everything is coordinated.  I did spend more time than I should installing queen posts, truss rods, and turnbuckles--just had to make the wire discontinuous.  A bit odd, since the underframes are so stripped down--but the thought is that I might jam a board through a couple of the turnbuckles as was sometimes done, and it would be cool to see daylight through them.

Primed the trucks and the under-frames, painted the wheels. . . . after making a wheel jig.
Production is not exciting, but one foot in front of the other, I'm inching towards the fun part. . . Rust red primer is a little fun, but the most fun was adding some tone to the wheels.

The rest of the detail parts will arrive this week, and I am looking forward to painting and assembling next. . . . that will be fun.  We'll get there, I just underestimated the repetitive work of building 8 wagons at once.  Not the first time I've done that.

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